Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Review

Naughty Dog puts an epic finale to the adventures of Nathan Drake with their most extensive, varied and exciting game up to date. Every detail from characters to technicality will leave your mouth open!

Shootings in open environments are probably most original in the series, very spectacular and full of good ideas, thanks to a great level design. We can not get into more details, so we do not to spoil the surprises, but what we have been asking for years to many action games because not only have to have good mechanics and excellent control or gunplay (that Uncharted 4 has it ) but also know what to do with these mechanics, and offer situations that surprise us and forcing us to constantly improvise.

Italy_01There is a small detail that we liked, and that not only you can replayed chapters that have already passed, to relive them or find collectibles that you may missed (treasures, diary notes, optional conversations), but also can replay directly action scenes , which is great to try new tactics or play it in ‘crushing’ difficulty. If you consider yourself an experienced player, especially in action titles, I recommend playing the first game in ‘difficult,’ although we warn you that going to spend a hard time, as there are very complicated situations.

Italy_03Having the option of replaying direct the action scenes makes sense because along the adventure there are whole chapters that sometimes there is only one gunfight or even none, and in the early hours there is not much action, it starts slow, then picking up speed gradually. The narrative is more focussed than ever in the series, and not only because the story is very complex and deep and full of great twists, but by the treatment of the characters, totally believable , something that Naughty Dog wanted to break away from the vast majority of games you can find in the market.

sco_05Well written, well played, and animated in real time that will leave anyone speechless  with its realism, the ease with the characters development, are also perfectly integrated into the gameplay, without any transition. If you’re a fan of the series or just a sympathizer, Uncharted 4 is a feast of winks, curiosities and is admirable love that shows throughout the game for the series and its characters. It’s so difficult to find such affection in an industry that seems more concerned to find new ways to get the money out of consumers instead of making games that have soul and detail like this.

Italy_11A game generous in all aspects, both the quality and the quantity of its contents, as well as a campaign that leaves fully satisfied with its more than 15+ hours, has plenty of collectibles to find and a series of curious enough to unlock extras. Art Galleries, aspects for the characters, image filters that change the look of the game totally, as one of cell-shading, or change the sound or the severity of objects, among other surprises as well as a complete photo mode more necessary than ever in this nice game. And that we have not yet talked about the fun multiplayer mode that offers huge added value to the product.


  • From graphics & sounds to every single aspect of Uncharted 4 is perfect!
  • Deep story filled with secrets collectibles and fun to solve puzzles
  • Scene selection gives player to freely replay their favorite parts of the game again.


  • During campaign enemy AI is unresponsive to your allies which looks weird in such a perfect game like this, same issue exist in The Last of US too, but regardless this is perfect game that every PS4 owner should experience!


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