Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Review

Naughty Dog puts an epic finale to the adventures of Nathan Drake with their most extensive, varied and exciting game up to date. Every detail from characters to technicality will leave your mouth open!


The extensive story mode Uncharted 4 itself, justify the product, but as it also have an excellent multiplayer mode, very caring and full of good ideas, and most importantly, downright fun, and unique on its own. Matchmaking up to ten players, and thanks to the grappling hook that we can now move long distances quickly, and even surprise other players with a performance from the air. And we can also use the grappling hook to knock down enemies with melee in one swoop, with a fun action.

PLUNDER_SCREEN_02During the game we earn money for our successful action, we can use to unlock upgrades, such as granades, summonning different types of sidekicks, as huge burly men or women with machine gun or a medic who can heal downed allies, and magical artifacts like the wrath of eldorado, a cursed totem poll generating demons that attack the opposing team, or the Staff of Ayar, a kind of antenna on the minimap shows the position of our enemies. Everything is very well thought out and measured, and for example, these upgrades cost us more money to buy rach time you purchase, so we can not abuse them.

2015_11_28_U4_MP_BETA_14You can equip more upgrades that go up in level increasing their characteristics, there are many weapons that you can improve, and you have a lot of freedom to customize your character and give it a distinctive touch, guiding the style of game you want more, and having to distribute a points between weapons equipment, advantages and support skills. There are plenty of items to unlock, as characters, appearances, costumes, and taunts, and there is always motivation to keep playing and be entertained for a good season.

PLUNDER_SCREEN_01The number of maps and game modes is not much, but they have already made it clear that future content that will arrive in the coming months will have no additional cost, and all items can be unlocked with game currency. From the beginning we have 8 maps and 4 modes : the classic Team Deathmatch, Command , in which you must hold as many out of three zones of the stage to get points. Plunder , a sort of capture the flag in which you have to take an object and bring it to a chest, and Ranked Team Deatchmatch , a kind of league in which we can get on and off positions. There is also a series of trials mode that can play against bots, which serve to familiarize themselves with the various mechanics of Multiplayer, as a tutorial, and for example misses the cooperative mode of previous installments, which will not arrive until the fall. In our experience both during final build and as in the beta held for weeks, we have not had problems with lag, the experience is very smooth and a stable game.

2015_11_28_U4_MP_BETA_02A fun multiplayer, with many possibilities and the Naughty Dog, shows that they been taking serious  care because it is very polished and well designed. Obviously, the star of the game remains the single player campaign, and multiplayer has a promising future, and we believe that everyone should give it a try.


  • From graphics & sounds to every single aspect of Uncharted 4 is perfect!
  • Deep story filled with secrets collectibles and fun to solve puzzles
  • Scene selection gives player to freely replay their favorite parts of the game again.


  • During campaign enemy AI is unresponsive to your allies which looks weird in such a perfect game like this, same issue exist in The Last of US too, but regardless this is perfect game that every PS4 owner should experience!


As far as I can remember, I've been surrounded by technology. My father bought us a Commodore 64 so I started playing games as a baby, following my passion with Amiga 500, then PC and so on. I love game related collectibles, and when I'm not collecting I review games, watch movies and TV Shows or you may catch me keeping a low profile at Game Events.

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